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Email to a Colleague November 01, 2007

Million Dollar Round Table

Nearly 100 Knights of Columbus field agents are members of the Million Dollar Round Table, the leading association of life insurance and financial services professionals. The MDRT Code of Ethics calls for member agents to “always place the interests of their clients above their own interests,” and to “give the best possible advice to clients by seeking to maintain and improve professional knowledge, skills and competence.” MDRT expects of their members exactly what you expect of me – exemplary sales practices…outstanding service…high ethical standards.

What does this mean for you and your family? It means that I won’t simply try to push a policy on you. I’ll take the time to review your current coverage with you. I’ll ask questions about your needs, goals and budget. I’ll recommend a plan to help you meet your needs and move toward accomplishing your goals. Most importantly, I’ll answer your questions. I want your purchase to be an informed one. Exemplary sales practices.

Whether or not you purchase life insurance coverage through the Order (and I hope that you do!), our relationship won’t end. Things change. Things like needs, goals and budgets. What is an appropriate amount of coverage today may not be appropriate tomorrow. I’ll meet with you annually to make sure you and your family remain adequately protected. Outstanding Service.

As a brother Knight, I have the best interests of you and your family at heart. I’ll render that service, which, under the same circumstances, I would apply to myself. High ethical standards.

I’m at 703-450-6100.
Call me – let’s talk.

Dennis Riley
Fraternal Benefits Field Agent

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