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Spotlight Knight Of The Month

Spotlight Knight Of The Month -
Knight of the Month - August, 2019: It is with great pleasure and profound appreciation that the OLOH council presents Knight of the Month to Scott Sanborn.
At just about every event you can expect Scott and his toothy grin to show up and lend a helping hand. Over the past year you could see Scott at the St Patrick’s Day Party, the Christmas Market and ushering at the parish. You can always expect for him to speak up and ask “What do you need?” when he arrives. His desire to serve and help is inspirational and is in keeping of what a Knight truly is.
To put Scott into perspective, there are few positions in a council that I believe that are required, although the Grand Knight is often highlighted, the Treasurer is key and is absolutely required. When David Mescell decided to step down as our Treasurer I asked Scott to step up and without hesitation he did. Even though he self admits that he is math challenged he volunteered and has grasped and embraced the duties and responsibilities of being our Treasurer. I look forward to working with Scott this year and hopefully help him out with his math.
It is with great honor that our council recognizes Scott Sanborn as Knight of the Month for August 2019