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History of our Organization

The origin of SureCode Technologies begins within our parent and founding organization - Professional Services Corporation (PSC).

PSC was founded in 1993 with two employees and a simple vision, To provide our clients with exceptional value and critical expertise to help them successfully leverage emerging information technologies to gain key competitive advantages. By 1999 PSC had grown to 50 employees and had emerged as a very successful and profitable boutique information-technology consulting firm. This was accomplished by consistently delivering on our vision and by focusing on government and commercial clients in the Washington, DC metro area.

Starting in 1997 we began to see a very dramatic shift in the types of applications and solutions our customers desired. HTTP and the Web Browser were rapidly emerging as the platform of choice for developing Client/Server solutions that needed to run in the heterogeneous computing environment of enterprise networks. At the same time, open source technologies like LINUX and Apache were coming into their own and proving that they could deliver comparable (and in some cases superior) performance as compared to commercial solutions costing thousands of dollars more.

This shift to open source HTTP solutions introduced some unique technical challenges that required a somewhat different mindset than that employed in first generation Client/Server solutions. To more effectively develop this expertise, a special development group, the "Web-Group", was formed within PSC.

In the first quarter of 2000 the Web-Group was spun-off from PSC as SureCode Technologies. As an independent company, SureCode has been and remains a fully self-funded and profitable organization.

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