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How SureCode Eliminates Risk

How can SureCode provide low fixed cost pricing, firm delivery dates, and fast turn-around - all with a money back guarantee?

The short answer is that we can provide our clients with this exceptional value because there is a very good chance that we have already pre-built a significant portion of your custom solution. This capability is facilitated by an application development platform that we have built and refined over the last several years.

The SureCode platform consists of:

1. An extensive code library that supports a vast array of functional modules that can be easily enabled or disabled on an as needed basis; and

2. A broad collection of generic application templates that are ready to customize to meet specific customer requirements.

Figure 1: The SureCode Platform

When we receive your requirements, we can leverage these resources to avoid many of the pitfalls encountered when building an application from scratch.

The same platform provides for a very high degree of flexibility to build in additional features as business needs present themselves in the future.

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