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The SureCode Application Server

SureCode Technology and its Value Proposition

The internet and corporate networks allow for a new class of applications that are web-centric and that support business process automation for back office, e-commerce, and information publishing needs of a competitive business by leveraging the new universal client, web browsers. Delivering new HTTP applications that are robust and customized for a corporate intranet, extranet, or internet site can be expensive and time consuming and can soak up a significant amount of a company's internal resources. Very often this reality forces an organization to:

  • Postpone development because of lack of available programming talent;
  • Use a combination of ill-suited off-the-shelf applications; or
  • Spend a fortune employing external consultants to build and deploy the applications.

SureCode was devised to provide you with another option.

Using advanced technology and an innovative business model, we can now provide customized HTTP based solutions for a fraction of the time and cost currently required. Using our approach, an organization can deploy ten fully tested and ready to use solutions for about 20% of the annual cost of a single mid-level programmer.

Our business model is based on a hybrid of the ASP approach and provides for:

    fully customized and production deployable applications that serve intranet, internet, and extranet needs; unlimited seat licensing; the ability to support real-time data exchange with other enterprise applications via ODBC; and 100 % flexibility over where the physical hardware resides (i.e. behind a customer's enterprise firewall if desired) with no co-mingling of different customer's data on a single platform.

This paper provides the details you need to know to fully understand our solution and evaluate where it provides the most leverage within your organization.

The next section lists some selected applications from our library of ready to use solutions that you could deploy immediately. These applications can be fully customized and ready to deploy in less than two business days. Next, we provide the design goals for our approach and then describe how these are realized in the SureCode Process. The SureCode Technology section gives you a look under the hood so you can understand how we can deliver so much functionality at such a breakthrough price point. We follow this up with a list of available features and a section that covers frequently asked questions.

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