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The SureCode Application Server

SureCode Design Goals

How do we deliver a compelling solution that enables the rapid and cost effective deployment of new HTTP based solutions for our customers?

To answer this question we conducted a study that focused on the advantages and disadvantages of current deployment options. Although we considered many different types of situations and requirements, the solution in almost all cases fit into one of four basic approaches. These are: (1) build a custom solution in house; (2) outsource development of a custom solution; (3) identify and deploy an off-the-shelf product; or (4) employ the services of an Application Services Provider (ASP).

Early on during the course of this effort, we realized that having an additional option that combined many of the advantages of the four basic approaches identified above might be well received by customers. We envisioned that our hybrid solution could offer the following benefits:

  1. Rapid application development and deployment with 48 hour turn around for new HTTP solutions. Applications would need to provide advanced database capabilities and would be based on an extensive library of turnkey solutions that are ready to deploy.

  2. Lowest available cost for application development and maintenance.

  3. The ability to fully customize the visual and functional aspects of each application to meet specific design requirements.

  4. The ability to build a custom solution from scratch should no suitable library application be available.

  5. Complete fulfillment and deployment of applications so the customer has nothing to do except place the order, accept delivery, and load data.

  6. A pricing model based on unlimited seat licensing.

  7. The ability to support real-time data exchanges with other enterprise applications via ODBC.

  8. The ability to have end users fully control all application data and user accounts via a HTML administrator control panel.

  9. 100 % flexibility over where the physical hardware resides (i.e. behind a customer's enterprise firewall if desired) with no co-mingling of different customer's data on a single platform.

These benefits became our design goals in establishing how to deliver SureCode.

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