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The SureCode Application Server

The SureCode Process

SureCode is a complete cradle to grave solution that consists of the following elements:

  • A dedicated Application Server that provides the hardware and complete runtime environment required to host and run SureCode applications;
  • Access to our extensive library of over one hundred ready to use HTTP applications that can be deployed as-is or extensively customized;
  • Complete customer service that includes all of the support required to customize the application you need and get it fully deployed onto your runtime server; and
  • Solution pack licenses that can be purchased on an as-needed basis so you only pay for the applications you need today.

Let's see how these four pieces come together to realize the design goals outlined in the previous section.

Figure 1: Step 1 - Lease a Server & Place Your Order

The first step is shown in figure 1. Lease a SureCode server and decide where you want it housed. Your server can reside either behind your enterprise firewall, as depicted here, or it can be located at our data center in Dulles, Virginia.

Once you have your server in place, you can leverage our application library to get your requirements rapidly deployed. The library is accessible on a 24x7x365 basis via the Internet. As a corporate customer, you receive password access and a unique customer key that gives you the ability to place orders.

Figure 2: Step 2 - SureCode Customizes Your Solution

The next step is depicted in figure 2. Our support engineers customize your order so it meets your unique needs. These customizations are handled at our fulfillment center and have no impact on any applications that you may currently have running on your production server. Once the required customizations are completed, you receive a test link so you can preview your application and request any additional changes that may be needed before final deployment.

Figure 3: Step 3 - Your Application Is Deployed in 2 Days

Once the application meets your approval, it is ready to deploy from our development environment to your production server. This process is illustrated in figure 3. If your server is housed at our data center, our support team will handle deployment for you. If the server sits behind your firewall, you have the option of deploying your solution directly using an installation script, or granting temporary HTTP access to the server so our support team can handle installation remotely.

A typical turn around time for completing the three steps outlined above is two business days. If you require extensive customizations or are having a solution built from scratch, these can generally be turned around in about 5 business days.

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