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The SureCode Application Server

SureCode Application Features
Feature Description
HTML Control Panel HTML based control over data so administration can occur in real time and without the need for technical expertise.
Extensive Control Over Look & Feel The ability to extensively customize visual features so that individual applications are perceptually indistinguishable from each other and/or graphically rich static HTML pages.
Three Ways To Bulk Mail Each solution employs three separate ways to capture and bulk email to users. There are subscriptions lists, users lists, and the ability to bulk mail direct to an application field.
Virtual Spreadsheet Overlay Define sophisticated relationships between individual fields in your application so resultant fields are automatically updated when edits are made to source fields.
Create and Edit Mail Groups Organize individual users into one or more mail groups and then bulk email to specific groups directly from your control panel.
Single User Login By default, each application supports its own accounts & permissions. Alternatively, you can establish single login access for multiple applications on your server.
Seamless Aggregation We can seamlessly integrate individual SureCode applications to rapidly create many new solutions.
Real-Time Access to Data via ODBC We can configure your server to support ODBC so you can easily integrate a SureCode application with other enterprise systems.
Data Update Audit Trail Capture and maintain a history of every change ever made to any given data item.
Notification Define automatic notification rules based on data additions or changes.
Limit Access by User IP Address Define individual IP addresses and/or IP masks to control access on a per application basis.
Limit Access by Reference IP Address Limit access to your application by reference IP so that applications are only accessible when accessed from specific pages.
Session Level Control Session management layer for organizing individual hits and maintaining user rights and privileges on a per application basis or across multiple applications.
Word Filters Define word filters for applications that allow open data input from the general user community. The filter can be set to reject or translate matching words.
Create and Edit User Accounts Local administration to create and manage application specific user accounts.
View Usage Statistics See usage statistics on an individual application basis. Look at session level reports on a daily or monthly basis or review individual hit reports.
Custom Forms Built in ability to define supplemental forms to capture additional data that could then be delivered via email or captured in a supplemental database.
Custom Reports Get the information you need by leveraging your applications built in report module.
User Account Creation Selectively give users the ability to create their own accounts and receive forgotten passwords via email.
Virtual Slide Show Effortlessly combine free form pictures into a virtual slide show that can be easily added to any data record.
Data Modification Time Stamp A behind the scenes time stamp field so you can more easily track user and data record updates.
Field Specific Add and Update Conditions Define data validation rules on a per field basis using simple criteria like length, or more complex criteria built from sophisticated regular expressions.
Cross Field Add and Update Conditions Define validation rules that cross field and/or application boundaries.
Cross Application Data Replication Define data replication rules that link numerous applications so that a data update made to one application automatically cascades through the others
Virtual Database Mode Configure any application so that individual users only see their own data. In effect a single application appears as many virtual applications.
Auto Fill Fields Define fields that can automatically capture wide ranges of information. These fields can be made visible or invisible to users.
IP Address Capture Capture and track who is adding or changing data by enabling automatic IP address capture.
Administrator Review Mode Configure your application so new data remains hidden until after it is previewed and approved by the administrator.
Database Translation Routines Define a wide variety of translation functions that can operate on individual fields as they are read and written to persistent storage. This provides a lot of flexibility between how data is stored and how it is presented.
Individual Administrators of Applications Each application can be administrated on an individual basis so specific departments can provide their own maintenance.
Custom Notify With HTML Support Generate visually rich HTML notification messages that capture and link back to data from your application.
Login Link Through Extend the login control built into your application to protect simple static HTML pages that might be used in combination to your application.
Nightly Mail Backup Receive individual application data via email on an incremental or complete backup basis.
Record Time Stamps Automatic time stamping to help you keep track of when information is changed.
Application Nightly Maintenance Runs Automate maintenance by defining custom update routines on a per application basis. These routines are run every evening.
Context Threads Introduce a context thread into your record data so information can be paged through in a predefined order in addition to being searched.
Owner Rules & Tracking Capture and track which user created what record and selectively enforce owner rules on an individual application basis.

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