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The SureCode Application Server

SureCode Frequently Asked Questions

What Platform Does SureCode Leverage?

The entire SureCode value proposition is based on providing high value at a low cost. Thus, SureCode leverages open source technologies and is built on top of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PERL (LAMP). These technologies have been battle tested under the most demanding conditions and have emerged as the clear price performance leaders.

From this base we developed a set of PERL library modules that implement the design philosophy we have outlined in the SureCode Technology section. We are also leveraging modPERL technology to eliminate the performance bottlenecks encountered in early CGI based implementations.

Is the SureCode Platform Scalable?

Yes. Scalability has been built into the platform on several levels. First, there is the scalability built in the underlying LAMP technologies. This configuration has proven to be highly robust and fast on a wide variety of hardware platforms. Next, we built scalability directly into the SureCode libraries. Each server can be configured to comfortably host dozens of independent applications or a single application can be spread across multiple servers. This yields consistent performance over a wide range of loads.

What Kind of Performance Can I Expect?

Our entry-level server provides an IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® III processor running at 500MHz, with 256 MB of memory and a 10 GB hard disk. In our production environment, this entry-level platform is able to comfortably support over 100 independent SureCode applications while logging over 35,000 transactions per hour with an average page load time of 1.07 seconds.

More high-end hardware platforms are available in situations where more capacity is required.

Are SureCode Servers Secure?

SureCode servers are dedicated boxes that have been optimized to do one thing and do it well. All ancillary applications have been removed and/or disabled and all IP ports on our server have been locked down except for those necessary to support HTTP and SSH. This not only makes our servers fast, it also makes them very secure.

Where Will My Server Be Hosted?

SureCode provides you with a great deal of flexibility in deciding where to host your server. Our state of the art data center offers: multiple connections to a high capacity national backbone, fully redundant continuous power supply systems with multiple onsite generators; the FM-200 non-water based fire suppression system; temperature control; water detection; and humidity control; 24-hour monitoring; and 24/7 onsite security guards.

Alternately, you may decide to host your server at your own data center or behind your enterprise firewall.

How Do I Place Orders?

Once you sign-up as a corporate customer, you will receive a customer key that provides access to our solutions library. Then, all you need to do is (1) log on, (2) pick an application, (3) click the order button, and (4) tell us how you want your application customized.

How Fast Will My Order Be Fulfilled?

Standard orders can generally be turned around within two business days or less.

What If I Need Extensive Customization?

Applications that are built from scratch or library applications that require extensive customization can usually be turned around in five business days or less.

What Technical Expertise Do I Need In-House?

None. That's the beauty of the SureCode approach. All you need to do is (1) tell us what you need and (2) test the application we provide to ensure it meets your requirements. We handle the rest.

Can I Make Changes to the Code?

We view our source code as proprietary and generally don't make it directly available to customers for modification. Remember - most modifications to the look, feel, or function of your SureCode application will not require a direct source code change and are included in your monthly fee. These changes are provided directly by our customer support staff.

We will provide a price quote for those rare individual cases requiring a source code modification. The pricing will be in line with our low cost model.

Does SureCode Integrate With Other Enterprise Systems?

Your SureCode server can be configured to support ODBC. This option makes your server directly accessible to a wide variety of other applications and opens the door to real-time data exchange between your SureCode server and other enterprise systems.

How Do I Handle Backups And Maintenance?

If your server is hosted at our data center we handle backups for you. These data files can be provided directly to you as often as desired.

In you are hosting your own server and have it configured in ODBC mode, you can reach in and capture data directly. If you are not running ODBC, we can configure your server to do a complete daily tar of your data files and push these directly to any FTP site that you designate.

Maintenance updates of the applications and platform source code is included in the monthly application fee and is provided directly by our customer support engineers.

What Do My Users Need in Order to Take Advantage of the SureCode Solution?

Nothing more than a compatible web browser. Currently we support both Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Are There Any Long Term Commitments Associated With Leveraging the SureCode Solution?

No. You can cancel at any time.

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